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Auto-Correlation Based Frequency Offset Estimation Algorithm for 5G NR System
Minseok So  Wangrok Oh
Vol. 45, No. 10, pp. 1676-1680, Oct. 2020
5G Network Based V2X Protocol for Video Transmission
Seokwon Lee  Jong-sik Lee
Vol. 45, No. 7, pp. 1314-1321, Jul. 2020
Low-Complexity 5G NR PSS Detection Algorithm
Minseok So  Wangrok Oh
Vol. 45, No. 4, pp. 652-656, Apr. 2020
Cell Activation Algorithm with Reinforcement Learning in Mobile Ultra Dense Network
Hyebin Park  Yujin Lim
Vol. 45, No. 2, pp. 293-302, Feb. 2020
Performance Evaluation of NR-Based HST Communication Systems
Incheol Hwang  Byun Il Mu  Taehyung Kim  Sooyong Choi  Hanho Wang

Vol. 44, No. 12, pp. 2223-2226, Dec. 2019
Beam Selection Method for Carrier Aggregation in Millimeter Wave Systems
Yun-seong Kang
Vol. 44, No. 11, pp. 2058-2060, Nov. 2019