Digital Library

Vol. 47, No. 7, Jul. 2022

Performance Analysis of Two-Step Random Access for 6G Low-Latency Communications

Taehoon Kim  Inkyu Bang
Vol. 47, No. 7, pp. 930-933, Jul. 2022

Distributed Principal Component Analysis for Wireless IoT Grid Networks

Hongjun Heo  Kyungrak Son  Wan Choi
Vol. 47, No. 7, pp. 953-962, Jul. 2022

Proof of Content Delivery in a Decentralized Network

Kunwoo Park
Vol. 47, No. 7, pp. 974-977, Jul. 2022

Vehicle Monitoring System Using Object Detection

Jin-ho Jang  Eun-young Park  Jeongsoo Hwang  Younghwan Yoo
Vol. 47, No. 7, pp. 978-985, Jul. 2022

A Study on Requirements and Scenarios for 5G-Based Text Alert Service

Tae-gyeom Lee  Seung-hee Oh  Ohyun Jo
Vol. 47, No. 7, pp. 996-1003, Jul. 2022

Best Papers
 Container Image and State Management in the Tactical Edge Cloud Environment

Ho-keun Lim  Young-han Kim
Vol. 47, No. 7, pp. 1010-1016, Jul. 2022